5 Reasons to Choose Moorwood

    • Each piece is hand-made

      Moorwood creates individual handmade furniture, tailored just for you.


    • Use only Eco-Friendly timbers

      All our furniture is Australian made and is created in our Melbourne workshop from solid recycled timber.


    • Our craftmen have decades of exprience.

      Our experienced furniture consultants are on hand to discuss your ideas and requirements and will liaise with our craftsmen to ensure your furniture is functional and complements your style of living.


    • Can be custom-designed

      At Moorwood, every piece of furniture has been crafted to reveal the beauty of natural timber with style and grace. Our craftsmen take pride in ensuring each order is consistent with the custom specifications and delivered on time.


  • Inspect at our Fitzroy Showroom

    Apart from our showroom selection of elegant dining tables, sideboards, coffee tables, entertainment units and bedroom suites, we also craft countless other items including occasional furniture.

Some of our customers come back to add to their Moorwood furniture collection that was purchased years earlier. As our furniture is custom-made, we’re sure to be able to match the required style.






About Moorwood Furniture


Moorwood creates individual handmade furniture, tailored just for you.

Meet with the original team of dedicated craftsmen who have been making furniture at Moorwood since 1990s. They would be delighted to share with you their passion in transforming the down-to-earth recycled timber into fine furniture pieces with character and design that reflect your style.



Our timbers are sourced all over Australia, from historical buildings, woolsheds, timber collectors, demolished homes and fallen trees. We adopt positive practices to preserve our precious environment.



Whether it is recycled timber or from sustainable plantations, we carefully select each piece of timber to ensure timber grains are matched and continuous along each piece and to match the specifications of each order.

Choose from:

  • Red Gum
  • Jarrah
  • Victorian Mountain Ash
  • Spotted Gum
  • Messmate
  • Grey Iron Bark
  • … and more!



Moorwood is proud to remain highly competitive even with the stream of imported furniture is constantly increasing.

Moorwood is valued by our discerning customers because:

  1. We use native timber species, which are ranked as some of the best by international standards.
  2. Our furniture designs compliment the character of natural timber.
  3. Our craftsmen custom-make each piece to suit individual project requirements for both domestic and commercial spaces.
  4. Our customers know that they have the back-up from Moorwood, a company which has decades of expertise in manufacturing fine furniture in Melbourne.

To discuss the creation of furniture to suit your tastes and lifestyle, visit our showroom today.